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Mazira GoldFynch

Build on top of the Mazira Engine, GoldFynch solves your e-discovery problems. With its easy upload, automatic processing, and powerful search, GoldFynch will save you time and money.

Latest News

Silicon Prairie News article about GoldFynch

GoldFynch featured in SPN

March 23, 2016

Silicon Prairie News covers the launch of GoldFynch in a featured news article. The article discusses the origins of GoldFynch, along with its features and use cases. Written by Todd Razor.

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Plas.io - 3D rendering of point cloud data

Plas.io Release

March 5, 2014

In collaboration with Hobu, Inc., Mazira has developed a browser-based 3D viewer for point cloud data. The viewer is a free alternative to conventional desktop software and a showcase for web browser 3D support.

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Mazira API on Mashape

First API Release

February 14, 2014

Mazira has released the first part of its Rasterization API, which produces images from common document formats. This technology has been used internally and is now being released as APIs for other programmers.

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Our services

Consulting Services

Full Document Solution

We'll handle scanning, OCR, data extraction, indexing, search, and visualization.

Data Dashboard

Visualize real-time data and stay up-to-date with your real-time business.

Data Aggregation

If your documents or data are in multiple locations, we can provide a centralized view which stays up-to-date.

Custom Visualizations

Top down lists of data results are primitive. How about an interactive timeline or 3D visualization?


Document Rasterization

Convert a huge variety of document types to images for in-browser display or archiving.

Document Clusters

Store and search your documents with a simple API. Perfect for building your own document search engine.

Character Recognition

Convert scanned pages to text, and then use word positions for further analysis & processing.

PDF Normalization

Send it images or documents, get back a searchable PDF. It doesn't get easier.

About us

services Photo timeline prototype from 2011

Mazira was founded in 2011 by a group of scientists and engineers who met while working at the University of Iowa. The company evolved out of an idea to address the need for a better personal photo and document management tool, using technology previously developed by co-founder Ross Johnson.

While further developing this technology, with mentorship from the University's John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center (JPEC), the team realized that aggregating, structuring, and visualizing data was a poorly addressed problem in the corporate IT landscape. Recognizing the potential, the team switched focus to developing a core set of technologies to address large-scale data & document processing. This tool set has since rapidly evolved into the Mazira Engine, now in version 2.0.

Originally located in JPEC's Bedell Entrepreneurship Learning Laboratory, Mazira is now headquartered at the Iowa City CoLab operated by the Iowa City Area Development Group.

Mazira has won numerous business model and business plan competitions, including receiving top prize at the 2012 Pappajohn New Venture Business Plan Competition.

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